Three sisters

2008-15 oil canvas 60x80 cm

Three sisters (oil on canvas, 60x80 cm), 2008-15

Russian Winter

1992 acrylic cardboard 32,5 x 47,5cm

Nature Morte

2008 acrylic canvas 70x50 cm

Nature Morte  (acrylic on canvas, 70x50 cm), 2008

Still Life of Flowers

1990 acrylic cardboard 47,5 x 32,5cm

Egg-shaped Space

2002 acrylic cardboard 70 x 50cm


2003 acrylic cardboard 50x70 cm

Floating  (acrylic on cardboard, 50x70 cm), 2003

Charmer of the Snake Moon

2002 acrylic cardboard 70 x 50cm


2007 oil canvas 50x70 cm

Tango  (oil on canvas, 50x70 cm), 2007

Tree of Life

1991 acrylic cardboard 25 x 20cm

Autumn Alter Ego

2007 acrylic canvas 80x60 cm

Autumn Alter Ego  (acrylic on canvas, 80x60 cm), 2007

Night Bird

1999 acrylic cardboard 40 x 49cm


1992 acrylic cardboard 49x34 cm

Rhythms (acrylic, cardboard, 49x34 cm), 1992


2003 acrylic cardboard 70 x 50cm

Firebug Mask

2000 acrylic cardboard 30x49 cm

Firebug Mask (acrylic, cardboard, 30x49 cm), 2000


2008 oil canvas 80x60 cm

Encounter  (oil on canvas, 80x60 cm), 2008

Bodele Valley

2007 oil canvas 50x60 cm

Bodele Valley  (oil on canvas, 50x60 cm), 2007

Mr Van Gogh Departs

2007 acrylic canvas 70x100 cm

Mr Van Gogh Departs  (acrylic on canvas, 70x100 cm), 2007

The American Dream

2004 acrylic fibreboard covered with canvas 60x90 cm

The American Dream (acrylic on fibreboard covered with canvas, 60x90 cm), 2004

Composing a Rubai

2004 acrylic cardboard 50x70 cm

Composing a Rubai  (acrylic on cardboard, 50x70 cm), 2004

Woman and Child

2008 oil canvas 60x80 cm

Woman and Child (oil on canvas, 60x80 cm), 2008


2008-16 oil canvas 80x100 cm

Girl (oil on canvas, 80x100 cm), 2008-16

Mister Ivan

2008 oil canvas 70x100 cm

Mister Ivan  (oil on canvas, 70x100 cm), 2008

A Shepherd in Transylvania

1995 acrylic, aquarelle-pencil paper 34x41 cm

A Shepherd in Transylvania (acrylic, aquarelle-pencil on paper, 34x41 cm), 1995


1995 acrylic cardboard 50 x 70cm


1990-93 acrylic cardboard 32,5 x 47,5cm


2005 acrylic cardboard 50x70 cm

Contrasts  (acrylic on cardboard, 50x70 cm), 2005


1994 acrylic cardboard 49 x 69cm


1997 acrylic, aquarelle-pencil paper 30x40 cm

Karelia (acrylic, aquarelle-pencil on paper, 34x41 cm), 1997

A Look from the Middle Ages

2007 acrylic cardboard 70x50 cm

A Look from the Middle Ages (acrylic on cardboard, 70x50 cm), 2007

Seder Night

2000 acrylic cardboard 25x35 cm

Seder Night  (acrylic, cardboard, 25x35 cm), 2000


2005 acrylic cardboard 50x70 cm

Ladybird (acrylic, cardboard, 50x70 cm), 2005


2002 acrylic cardboard 50x70 cm

Woman  (acrylic on cardboard, 50x70 cm), 2002


2001-10 acrylic cardboard 49.4x69.7 cm

Idyll  (acrylic, cardboard, 49.4x69.7 cm), 2001-10


2002 acrylic cardboard 50x70 cm

Whirlpool (acrylic on cardboard, 50x70 cm), 2002


2007 acrylic cardboard 50x70 cm

Performance  (acrylic on cardboard, 50x70 cm), 2007


2003 acrylic cardboard 70x50 cm

Tryst (acrylic, cardboard, 70x50 cm), 2003


1999-2007 acrylic cardboard 45x66 cm

Triangle (acrylic, cardboard, 45x66 cm), 1999-2007


1990 acrylic cardboard 19,2x31,4 cm

Portrait (acrylic, cardboard, 19,2x31,4 cm), 1990


1993 acrylic cardboard 32 x 22cm

Before storm

1994 acrylic cardboard 50x70 cm

Before storm (acrylic, cardboard, 50x70 cm) 1994

Still Life with Voices

1990 pastel paper 30x21.5 cm

Still Life with Voices (pastel on paper, 30x21.5 cm), 1990